Knumptytravel Goes Audio!

No time to read? On the move? Listen here!

In response to customer demand(!), I’m currently experimenting with embedding audio files for the most recent blogs, so you get a double-whammy blog-stroke-podcast all in one hit.

These ‘podcasts’ are currently being voiced by the author using the limited audio-technology inherent in a desk-top computer, so the sound-quality is no better than the short-order professionalism with which they’re created.

You may also find these audio-clips in random locations within each blog, as I learn how to embed them into a consistent location on each page.

There are other plans afoot as well – nothing too drastic, but perhaps a refresh on the visual layout; more efficient links to social media and a few other tweaks, learnt as I go along. Perhaps when it’s all looking (and sounding) better, I might appeal to you to ‘share’ and ‘follow’ – as that seems the way to build readership and elbow my way into the upper echelons of successful blogdom.

And when time permits, if there’s positive feedback to the audio-clips, I’ll try to enlist the services of Stephen Fry, Jeremy Irons or Hugh Dennis to read for you (although that may be preceded by a quietly desperate Crowdfunding request in order to meet their fees.)

If all else fails, you’ll just get me – although I may invest in a better microphone. Oh, and I’ll also try to remember to turn my phone to silent whilst “on air”.

Thanks for listening!

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