Are they the new fringe?

I believe the term is ‘reblogging’?

Which basically means since we’ve currently no new material for you, dear reader, (the Knumptywagen still sadly SORNED in static demeanour) then I hereby reblog a post from dear friends of ours, who you should really follow as well!

The Lichfield Fuse Festival started out many years ago as the fringe to the Lichfield Festival, but it’s now very much its own thing, and it happens this weekend (13-15 August) in Beacon Park.

The Graveside Serenaders did make a vague attempt to get on to the Fuse’s Open Mic stage but failed, which was a relief as Mics are not our thing at all. So we will be outside the main arena banging the drum – and whatever else we can find – for purely acoustic music. You could say we are the Fuse’s fringe!

Look out for us on Saturday between high noon and early to mid-afternoon. We’ll start out under the usual yew tree beside Minster Pool but then may be somewhere over in Beacon Park, perhaps not far from Capt Smith’s statue (the Titanic is our kind of ship) or overshadowed by the magnificent copper beech near the lower end of the sports fields, trying to appeal to Fuse goers to part with their loose change before the main event.

Do hope to see you!

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